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About Board Game Bowls

If you haven’t heard of Board Game Bowls before, let us give you a quick run down. We created Board Game Bowls because we couldn’t find anything classy to hold our board game components during play. Household containers were what we used to use, but most of the options available are either too big or too small, fit some components and not others and generally were not very user friendly.

We like good design and appreciate the effort board game creators have gone to with their craft, and we wanted something to match.

Board Game Bowls are custom made from wood with contours perfectly designed for drawing components from the bowls - not too steep, or shallow, or angular. Because they are made from wood, Board Game Bowls are prefect companions for wooden components, cardboard tokens, plastic tokens, glass tokens, and all your other game components. We designed a bowl that is simple and minimal which means it unifies with each board game you play.





Elite Black Gaming Bowls

We’re black with a new premium campaign!

Midnight Black Board Game Bowls Bowls.

We let a few of these out into the wild over the last few months and have had some amazing feedback. Now we’re making them available to you - all our wonderful backers and the Kickstarter community.

They’re the same size as the original Board Game Bowls but finished in a high end premium matt black coating. There is no engraving on the inside of these bowls but we have a custom midnight black design we are incorporating with the logo on the underside of these bowls.

The campaign will run for 2 weeks so get in quick.  Here are the bundles we are offering:

  • CORE bundle
  • MASTER bundle
  • Small bundle (small and medium bowls - 2 of each)
  • Large bundle (large and extra large bowls - 2 of each)
  • Everything (Master + 4XL)