When will I get my order?

Everything is stock is ready to ship and will usually leave our warehouse within 1-3 days of receiving payment.  Transit times depend on your location, but most customers receive their order within a week.


Customs friendly shipping?

We have a fulfilment centre in New York and Germany, so all orders will ship from within these areas meaning you will not need to worry about customs and duty.

If you are outside of the USA or the EU your parcel may be subject to duties and taxes at the border.


What else do you sell?


Apart from Board Game Bowls, we have some cool new products coming soon.  We have some awesome leather bags which are great for holding components, tiles, bowls, or anything else you just need a random bag for.  

Keep an eye on our Kickstarter and follow us on Facebook for update on cool stuff coming you way soon.


Why Board Game Bowls?

We created Board Game Bowls because we’re frustrated with the lack good options for holding our board game components while in play.  Typically we just used containers from around the house, but they were either too big, badly designed for boardgames, or just plain ugly.  We wanted something that was just the right size, wasn’t heavy or fragile, made it easy to draw in and out of, and something that unified well with our games.


Who are Board Game Bowls for?

If you appreciate good design and dislike the mishmash of other options available for holding components then Board Game Bowls are for you.  Board Game Bowls aren’t fragile, they don’t look cheap and nasty, and the curves on the sides have been designed to make it easy to get components in and out. Board Game Bowls are not for everyone, but if you appreciate sophistication rather than a ‘good enough’ solution, we have made these bowls for you.


Why wood? Why not plastic or glass, or porcelain?

Plastic bowls look cheap and clash with the premium design of our board games. Glass and porcelain are nice but they are heavy and fragile. It’s difficult to just thrown them in a bag or transport them to your friends house. We chose wood because it's light and durable and compliments board games nicely. At their essence board games are derived from wood and so we decided in order to be part of the family Board Game Bowls would need to also be wood.


Why not just buy some cheap wood bowls from the internet?

There are some small wood bowls available online but we found they didn’t unify.  We would need to buy a different designed bowl for small component groups verses our large component groups.  Board Game Bowls have four bowls with a uniform design and perfect size for board game components.  Plus Board Game Bowls come with a cool range of themes to choose from that make your bowls unique.


The bowls seem rather plain, can’t we have meeples all over them?

Board Game Bowls are designed to work with all of your games.  Keeping the look of the bowls minimal allows them to be used across lots of different genres without thematic intrusion or conflict.  But feel free, once you have your own set you can paint, draw, ink, or color them as much as you would like.


What are the key features of BGB’s?

Elegant and classy, BGB’s are designed to compliment your board games

They come in three convenient sizes, perfect for holding all your component groups

Organises cluttered game tables

Allows players to easily select and share components

Enhances gaming experience

Durable and easy to transport

Just the right size

6 themes to choose from


Can I get a custom engraving?

We don't offer custom engraving on our store but if you want to get in touch with us we may be able to make something work. 


What are the specifications?

The bowls are custom made out of 100% kiln dried plantation hardwood


Small bowl:

Diameter - 70mm (2.8in)

Height - 25mm (1in)


Medium bowl

Diameter - 85mm (3.4in)

Height - 28mm (1.1in)


Large bowl

Diameter - 120mm (4.8in)

Height - 30mm (1.2in)


Extra Large bowl

Diameter - 150mm (5.9in)

Height - 32mm (1.25in)